During nearly twenty years as a bookseller, I’ve seen a lot of changes in the book business.  When I started working at Lake Forest Book Store, there were no e-books . . . Borders was our biggest competitor . . . and no one in the United States had heard of J.K. Rowling. The book business has changed dramatically in many ways, but independent bookstores still do what they’ve always done — help readers choose books that will enthrall, delight, and surprise them. (Or maybe just help them find their way around Paris, or bake a perfect pie.)

Whenever I’m out and about in our small town,  people ask me, “What are you reading?” “What’s the new hot book?”, and “What’s good on the table?”.  Lake Forest Book Store  — like all of my favorite bookstores — has big tables piled with new releases.  Of course, when I’m asked these questions, I often draw a complete blank. So this blog is an attempt to answer those questions.

What’s on your table?

Ann Walters



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  1. I love your store and it is “top of my to do list” when I visit my daughter in Lake forest. (and I do that very frequently). My book club in Fairfield Glade TN (a golf and tennis community in the Cumberland mountains) eagerly awaits my turn to host and present because almost always my choice is a book I have purchased from you. Could you put me on your mailing/blog list please?

  2. Polly, I am so sorry — somehow I seem to have overlooked your comment. I apologize — I am new to blogging! I would love to hear about what your book club is reading. I would love to put you on the mailing list. There are a couple of ways to do that: either email me at bksonthetable@gmail.com with your email address, or go to the right-hand column of the blog (booksonthetable.com) and enter your email address. You’ll get an email back from WordPress asking you to confirm. Thanks very much!

  3. Dear Elaine,

    I love your book store and I am saddened I had to move away from Chicago to the east coast. You always led me to irresistable books and would like for you to do it again over email. The last book you recommended was Seeing You Again which I read in one day. Can you recommend some others?This was a book not he table. Can I get listings of books on the table? Is there a way we can continue our relationship over email for I love all of the books you recommend.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Kelly,

      Thanks so much for your comment — happy to hear from you! My name is Ann — there isn’t an Elaine at our store. But I’m glad you have enjoyed our recommendations and we would love to keep in touch. Check out “Read Recently” here on my blog for some recommendations, as well as our bestsellers on the book store website (http://www.lakeforestbookstore.com/bestsellers). I’m on vacation until next week, but when I’m in the store I’ll be happy to email you a list of books we have on the table. Please email me at bksonthetable@gmail.com. You can always call the store and anyone who answers would love to chat with you about book recommendations. And if you’d like to subscribe to the blog, click on the “follow by email” button and you will receive a confirmation email from Books on the Table.

      Happy New Year!


  4. Oh my goodness, what a small world! I’ve met a few other book bloggers in the Chicago area and thought it would be fun to have an in-person get-together sometime — maybe in conjunction with a book event.

  5. Absolutely! I keep checking to see if the authors are posted for the Printers Row Lit Fest this year (June 7-8). It’s always fun for me to go to an author event I didn’t have to plan. We could get some Chicago book bloggers together to go to a reading and then have lunch or coffee.

  6. Oh, you are in a dreamy spot! I like where I am too but of course the independent appeal is always there. So glad you are there and look forward to catching up and following your adventures!

  7. Tricia, you have a lovely blog! You’re a wonderful writer — best of luck with publishing your memoir. I absolutely adored your post about working in a bookstore over the holidays. You captured it perfectly.

  8. If you had a dollar for every time you got asked…. But what better job if you love reading, right? I love that you have Major P in your header picture. I’ve just blogged about my fave five fictions, and he is in there. 🙂

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