Too many books, too little time . . . Here’s my “to be read” list, which is constantly evolving, for 2020.


Apeirogon (Colum McCann)

Friends and Strangers (J. Courtney Sullivan) — due 6/20

The Book of Lost Friends (Lisa Wingate) — due 4/20


Greek to Me (Mary Norris)






8 thoughts on “In My Stack

  1. I loved “Aftermath” and based on other books you have recommended I think you will like that one. “The Kept” is good – a little dark and not the type of ending I usually like. Well-written and interesting, though.

  2. I see you have a copy of THE HEADMASTER’S WAGER in your post. I loved that book. Gave my a great insight to Vietnam plus a wonderful story. I feel the book should have received more publicity. Don’t know any else who read it. Did you, and if so, what are your feelings

  3. Please read A LITTLE LIFE. I received it from my daughter and approached it with dread because of the length and subject but instead, found a book of the year, decade, whatever!
    It can be slow going in the beginning but is worth sticking with it. She writes beautifully and
    you can’t help jumping in to these characters. I am still walking around dazed & missing this word. Love is not a big enough word.

    1. Hi LInda! Wow, I now realize thanks to your comment that I really need to update this page. I did read A LITTLE LIFE — two years ago. What an amazing book it was — truly unforgettable. I just reread it (well, actually not the whole thing, but as much as I could in the time I had) for a book discussion and was bowled over again by the power of the story.

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