Why another book blog?

We read to know we are not alone.  C.S. Lewis

Only connect!  E.M. Forster

I follow quite a few book blogs, because I love reading about books almost as much as I love reading the books themselves. There are lots of terrific book blogs, and I will include links to those. So why another book blog? First of all, I thought our customers at Lake Forest Book Store would enjoy a blog with a local angle. I’ll be writing about what’s happening at our store and in the community — visiting authors, local book clubs, our bestsellers (which are rarely the same as the New York Times bestsellers),  and funny things that happen at the store. (Yes, a lot of funny things happen at the store — both funny peculiar and funny ha-ha.) Also, I’ve found that many book blogs are very specialized. There are great book blogs about chick lit, science fiction, YA, poetry, the classics . . . you name it. I’m an omnivorous reader and I wanted to create a blog for all kinds of readers. What kind of reader are you? What’s in your “to read” stack? What have you read lately? What’s your book club reading? I’d love to know!